Monday, March 24, 2014

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Dancing: It’s the way the beat hits your chest, and the music pumps through you like an electric shock. For me music allows you to connect: body and beat, soul and sound. It’s about connecting people of all different backgrounds from race, age, religion and gender to “Just Dance!” (as Lady Ga Ga would say).  Dance connects us to our history and to our present culture- dance creates and dance celebrates the movement of our bodies! The importance of movement is- it allows for people to follow. So, what kind of movement are you dancing today that people have the option of following? It’s so easy to move in the way of our culture, where we define people for the group they’re in or the clothes they wear, or the shoes they have, or the new phone they just upgraded to. But what does it look like to move in a way that God calls us to dance?

This summer, I am able to partner with The Shine Movement! This one day conference will teach young girls to dance and explore how God calls us to move. I can’t wait to dance like crazy with these amazing girls! Through The Shine Movement, we will be reminded that we are not defined by the phones we carry, the brands we wear, or the friends that we hang out with! God calls us beloved and beautiful, and I believe He calls us to DANCE our butts off in celebration that we are called to SHINE!

To learn more about The Shine Movement check out this link below and partner alongside of us to shine!