Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Amazing Girls of The One Girl Music Video

1. Danielle Wilder

Danielle has been dancing alongside Shuree for the past year. For her, dance has become her ministry. As she goes around performing at different organizations and ministries, she loves to get to know Shuree’s fans and see how the songs have changed their lives. She has been dancing all her life and continues to show God’s faithfulness and movement within our lives through her presence on stage.

For Danielle, if she could change the world she would get rid of poverty. She says, “there are so many places in the world where people are struggling just to survive.” She explained how it is so easy to get caught up in our own problems and we forget about the less fortunate. Danielle has a heart for the poor and the powerless, the overlooked and the forgotten. Danielle has a vision for this broken world, and hopes for change in these third world countries.

2. Vantenia Kelley

Ventenia is an amazing woman who founded the Christian sorority Alpha Delta Omega. This national Christian sorority helps young women foster sisterhood, strive for excellence and build a deeper relationship with Christ.

For Ventenia, if she could change the world in some way, she would end poverty and make it impossible to commit crimes against children. She has a passion for children and says, “So many children are dying and being harmed, I would love for that to change."

3. Julie Tarling

Julie is a very talented young woman who can sing, dance and play piano. She is a person who is so aware of the gifts that God has given her. She believes that using your gifts is the way you can change the world. She says. “I would use my voice and talent to make people smile and make people happier.” This is such a mature mindset of what God has called us to do. She strives to use the gifts that God has placed upon her to bring the good news to this broken world. It’s powerful to see such a young women use her talents for God’s kingdom! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Amazing Girls of The One Girl Music Video!

1. The Estoll Sisters

Hannah and Kaitlyn Estoll are two amazing young women, who have volunteered their time at their Church’s Awana. For Hannah (15), she has led worship and helped kids recite memory verses in small groups. “I love to see kids enrich themselves in the word,” Hannah says. Not only does Hannah help change the lives of kids in Awana she also has a vision for a better world. “If I could change anything in this world, I would change the drama that goes on in school.” Hannah has a heart for the broken and bullied, where she strives to empower kids in her school. She is a young women who wants to express through her actions and words that she has a passion, purpose and power. Hannah says, “I can help people like that (who have been bullied), I can be their friend, and show them that they have power.”

Kaitlyn Estoll (13) has also volunteered her time at Awana, while helping out with her younger sister she has loved seeing groups memorize verses, learn about God and have fun with one another. Kaitlyn says, “I love seeing kids get a chance to learn about God and still have fun while doing it.” She is also fascinated with the stories of the missionaries who come and share their experiences in building the kingdom of God. Kaitlyn also has a vision for a better world, for her she would like to change stereotyping. When interviewing her, Kaitlyn’s voice arose with passion as she said, “I may be small but I am still strong, I may look really weak but I’m not on the inside.” Kaitlyn is a young women who believes in the strength and power that is within all human beings, no matter their size.
Hannah and Kaitlyn’s younger sister Paige (7) is also involved with Awana. Her favorite things about Awana are playing games and also listening to the stories from the missionaries.

These sisters will be the change the world would like to see, a team of young women who are on fire for God and are beautiful reflections of Christ’s playfulness and His story.

To learn more about Awana click the link below:

2. Leah Allman
Leah Allman (12) has a passion and a love for people. She dedicates her time fundraising for an organization called Smile Train. This organization provides corrective surgery to children with cleft lips and palates. After Leah donated to Smile Train, she fell in love with their mission and decided to help fund raise for them. For the past 2 yrs, Leah and her family have been holding a Waffle Breakfast at their house. Leah says, “My friends, neighbors and family come this event.” When asked how many people usually come to this event, she says, “About 150 people.”  AMAZING! Not only are they raising money to help with Smile Train but also providing a place for people to come and be a part of a community. After talking with Leah, she has shown that her heart is filled with compassion towards people. Not only does Leah serve by making waffles at her house but she also goes out to a Nursing Home with her Mother and dog Brittany to lighten up people’s days. She says, “Some people have to leave their pets at home and they miss them, so it makes them happy to see a dog come in.” For Leah, if she could change the world in some way, she would want everyone to feel like they belong. She says, “Thinking about orphans and seeing people at the nursing home, not everyone has a family, I would like people to feel like they belong somewhere.” Leah has a heart that is filled with compassion for humanity, and I believe she will continue to change the world with her love.

To learn more about Smile Train click the link below:http://www.smiletrain.org/

3. Sarah Giove

Sarah (25) is a remarkable young woman passionate for the youth. Sarah has

volunteered her time leading worship at a High School group at the Compass Church called The Landing.  The group dedicates itself in helping youth overcome struggle and pain. The group was launched last October and has seen significant growth in the number of students who come. Sarah says, “At first we were blessed to see people show up, in the beginning there were about 8 students and now we have grown to see 25-30 students come.” Sarah has such a passion for the students in High School saying, “when I was in High School it was pivotal point in my life where I questioned if I really believed in God, do I really believe in all this or was it something I was just brought up in?” Working at The Landing, Sarah is able to see students wrestle with these same questions and see the growth in their walk with Christ in the midst of their struggle.

If Sarah could change the world she would like to see a change in the way our culture sees beauty. She says, “We worship youth and beauty too much, and we miss out on the beauty in maturity and wisdom.” For Sarah, she wants to see older women speak up and show the world that there is beauty in growing up and growing old.

To learn more about The Landing check out the link below:

Saturday, May 10, 2014


After over 200 girls were abducted from their dormitories at the Government Girls Secondary school in Nigeria, the world still feels the cries of their family and friends. Although a leader of the local terrorist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility, the Nigerian government seems helpless. But the world has not lost hope! Today, many have joined the #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign; and many male stars have been uploading images saying: ‘Real men don’t buy girls. It’s powerful to see thousands come together for a crisis happening in Africa. Humanity is yearning for change in a world full of daily calamity and chaos, but there is hope, and there will be change. As the world comes together to fight the darkness, let us not be afraid to be the change that we want to see!  

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Want More!

I want more, is a phrase we hear so often. It’s not a bad thing, but what IS more? Often times we see on advertisements, “BUT wait there’s more!” or “You get this and SO MUCH MORE!” But what is THIS more? This more we see on TV and Ads and in magazines has a focus on more clothes, more good lucks, and more minutes on our phone.  But what if I can tell you, “BUT wait there’s more!” God gives us SO MUCH more than any new piece of clothing or new piece of technology!

This May, I will be performing at the I Want More Conference! At this one day conference, we will be exploring what MORE God can give us! God has declared promises of peace, strength, power, hope and so much more! He is the ultimate provider and I am so blessed to be able to learn how Jesus presents himself as the ONE we want more of! I can truly say that we are His beloved, and I am amazed by His grace and love that cover us day after day.

To find out more about the I Want More Teen Girls Conference check out their website at: http://www.iwantmoreconference.com/

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Dancing: It’s the way the beat hits your chest, and the music pumps through you like an electric shock. For me music allows you to connect: body and beat, soul and sound. It’s about connecting people of all different backgrounds from race, age, religion and gender to “Just Dance!” (as Lady Ga Ga would say).  Dance connects us to our history and to our present culture- dance creates and dance celebrates the movement of our bodies! The importance of movement is- it allows for people to follow. So, what kind of movement are you dancing today that people have the option of following? It’s so easy to move in the way of our culture, where we define people for the group they’re in or the clothes they wear, or the shoes they have, or the new phone they just upgraded to. But what does it look like to move in a way that God calls us to dance?

This summer, I am able to partner with The Shine Movement! This one day conference will teach young girls to dance and explore how God calls us to move. I can’t wait to dance like crazy with these amazing girls! Through The Shine Movement, we will be reminded that we are not defined by the phones we carry, the brands we wear, or the friends that we hang out with! God calls us beloved and beautiful, and I believe He calls us to DANCE our butts off in celebration that we are called to SHINE!

To learn more about The Shine Movement check out this link below and partner alongside of us to shine!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A call to fight against Music & Media's negative impact on our culture

I'm making a call for moral obligation: Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. 

Gun violence in Chicago has been in the national spotlight over the past year, with 506 murders in 2012, an increase of 17 percent over the previous year. So far this January, there have been 42 homicides and 157 shootings, according to Chicago police. We have already seen over 200 homicides&shooting in Chicago and we are only one month into 2013! 

I posted this on my FB page earlier this month and was even more convinced  today after hearing about 15 year old  Hadiya Pendleton an honor student who had just performed at President Obama's inaugural with her high school band being shot dead on a playground here in Chicago.
A gang banger jumped a fence ran up to the girl and her friends, opened fire for no reason, and shot her in the back she was dead within an hour. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57566690/teen-girl-who-performed-at-obama-inauguration-killed-in-chicago-shooting/

Music and Media has played a major role in the glamorization of violence, guns, and gang activity. It is a business that glorifies bad character and has a disregard for young lives 

We need to have a culture where we are mutually accountable for how music and media shape culture. Parents, Radio Program Directors, Record Companies, Artists and Listeners should have more then a voice in what we allow to shape our culture but a mind in it, a thought deeper then "Who cares it doesn't effect me" or "Oh well what can I do" or" I will look out only for myself." MLK said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 

Let me give you a close to home example of how immorality in music and media all tie together: A 17-year-old gangster rapper from Chicago, signed a $3 million dollar recording contract with Interscope Records last year after spending two months under house arrest for pointing a gun at a police officer. He is also under speculation for the death of Chicago teen who challenged him online and ended up dead. His biggest audience youth and young adults. You may have heard this rappers biggest hit, “I Don’t Like,” a great song, mostly due to the powerful beat constructed by his producer but one of the catchiest parts is rapper chanting “bang bang” in the background—a sound that has become all too common in Chicago, CHICAGO HAS SEEN over 530 youth killed over past 4 years due to homicides a tragic number that is reflective of guns and gang violence. -Chicago Tribune. More young people are killed in Chicago than any other American city. You can't protect your kid from a stray bullet, in some communities they fly through windows, in parks while children swing, and out of cars to sidewalks where kids jump rope. 

This is not a blog based on my opinion, there are hard cold facts to this watch what  
ABC NEWS has to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MGHU_BOHPw&feature=youtu.be

Music shapes culture and this Chicago rapper has and is shaping the tragedy's we see today and we see his tense words are more then a song. "It's just his freedom of speech" some may say, but can we really sit still and not speak out? We need to fight to hold the record company and their social deviant artists accountable when the music they produce, write, and release perpetuates, encourages and fuels the death of the innocent young? Homicide victims in the city outnumber troops killed in Afghanistan.-The Chicago Reporter. America seeks to protect the innocent but if there is no accountability there is corruption. 

Regardless of what an artists musical ability, they should not be rewarded millions of dollars for perpetuating a culture that continues to erode culture and steal life from the young and  innocent.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our world is loud...

I love to sleep. Early mornings are my enemy and late nights are my friend. Today I could not sleep and I was wooed to the kitchen before the sun rose for a cup of tea. As I began opening and shutting the cupboards I realized how loud I was being. The silence seemed to scream be quiet! I then thought about how my day would unfold, the sound of the shower, the microwave beeping, the car engine starting, the radio blasting:) and people yacking. I realized that our world is loud and I miss the silence. Not sure what this means, I'm not wanting to become an early bird, but I realize I must find silence somewhere, somehow. This morning the silence gave me a peace, a peace I was missing, a peace found only in the quiet.