Monday, October 24, 2011

Through the ups and downs you'll stay

You know those ladies in the church that make you feel so loved and so convicted at the same time? I have a few of those in my life. Recently one came up to me and after a big hug said "why haven't you told us you were sick?" I responded, "I don't want you to worry or think I am unable to do what I need to do." She then went on to say showing my human side only would inspire her and others to realize we all have limitations.

The last 2 weeks have really been hard health wise. I missed 2 weeks in the studio, which has put me behind, and I have had to say no to some very special things to me. All this to say I am learning more and more to

1. Ask for help
2. Focus on what's important.(Prioritize)
3. Be true to my body, heart and Spirit when it is speaking to me about limitations.
4. Seek God direction for even small decisions.
5. Slow down

I have had no control over so many things lately but that which I do have control over is how I manage my time and respond to adversity.

Today I was supposed to head to the studio but my keys were locked inside the car...I rode my bike to get them for my husband and found him in a meeting with his Music Business club. They were planning one of my upcoming events and they invited me in. I felt at that moment to talk with the kids and thank them for there work and asked them if they had any questions for me. It turned into a time of me helping them process relationships with boyfriends and how to keep working hard for there dreams. After some girls shed some tears it was clear that moment was divine.
So no I did not get to the studio but I got to my purpose that lies behind the music touching lives and building relationship. That is how it all works we are to be there for one another in the ups and downs, we must be telling of our struggles so that others can enter into our lives with comfort wisdom and love.

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