Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our world is loud...

I love to sleep. Early mornings are my enemy and late nights are my friend. Today I could not sleep and I was wooed to the kitchen before the sun rose for a cup of tea. As I began opening and shutting the cupboards I realized how loud I was being. The silence seemed to scream be quiet! I then thought about how my day would unfold, the sound of the shower, the microwave beeping, the car engine starting, the radio blasting:) and people yacking. I realized that our world is loud and I miss the silence. Not sure what this means, I'm not wanting to become an early bird, but I realize I must find silence somewhere, somehow. This morning the silence gave me a peace, a peace I was missing, a peace found only in the quiet.

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  1. I am up every morning around 6, these days are just the norm. But every so often I wake up earlier, and as I drink my coffee I leave the tv off, my computer may be on, but muted, and I listen for the birds to wake up and watch for the sun to rise. I don't see it very often in the summer, but it is always beautiful, and something peaceful about it.