Friday, April 11, 2014

I Want More!

I want more, is a phrase we hear so often. It’s not a bad thing, but what IS more? Often times we see on advertisements, “BUT wait there’s more!” or “You get this and SO MUCH MORE!” But what is THIS more? This more we see on TV and Ads and in magazines has a focus on more clothes, more good lucks, and more minutes on our phone.  But what if I can tell you, “BUT wait there’s more!” God gives us SO MUCH more than any new piece of clothing or new piece of technology!

This May, I will be performing at the I Want More Conference! At this one day conference, we will be exploring what MORE God can give us! God has declared promises of peace, strength, power, hope and so much more! He is the ultimate provider and I am so blessed to be able to learn how Jesus presents himself as the ONE we want more of! I can truly say that we are His beloved, and I am amazed by His grace and love that cover us day after day.

To find out more about the I Want More Teen Girls Conference check out their website at:

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