Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Essential Jesus-Take this journey with me...

I am so excited about this season of Shuree Music!! In fact one thing I'm most pumped about is connecting with friends and fans through music and scripture. The album is still in process and I am now in the Studio YEAH!!!

Another big part of my life as an artist is scripture and the health of my soul and Spirit. I am embarking on a reading plan called-

The Essential Jesus-http://m.youversion.com/reading-plans/the-essential-jesus

The Essential Jesus is 100 carefully selected passages from the Bible that will help us discover who Jesus is and why he is so significant -- even life transforming. Through both Old and New Testament readings we will discover why God sent Jesus, what Jesus taught, how he treated people, why he did miracles, and the meaning of his death, the significance of his resurrection, and what the Bible says about his second coming. Louie Giglio of the Passion movement suggested this plan to a group of worship leaders at Willow.  

I would love if YOU would read with me The Essential Jesus and via social media, this blog, facebook, twitter we share the truths God speaks to our hearts. 

No need to post comments everyday, but PLEASE post insights that you feel could build up other believers and I will do the same.  

Let me know if your down!!???!!


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  1. Today's DAY 1 reading is John 1:1-18 My prayer today was that Grace and truth would flow through me. Sometime I get the truth part right but grace, not so much. Help me balance my desire for truth and reality with the truth of grace, undeserved second chances and love.