Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Download my new SINGLE NOW! One Girl (Can Change the World)

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  1. I have a "radio format" weekly podcast called Live...from my garage. I would love to play Shuree Rivera', "One Girl" on an upcoming podcast. If this would be agreeable to you and the band, would you mind sending me an email to let me know. I do not use any music that I do not have permission to use. If you would like to check out my podcast the address is http://blog.livefmg.net

    Also, I am starting to ask artists to consider making me short mp3 tag consisting of something like this, "This is YOUR NAME from YOUR BAND and you are listening to Sean on Live from my garage". Be as creative as you would like . If this cannot be accomplished easily, do not worry about it. I do not hold against anyone if they do not send an mp3. Thank you for your attention!

    -Sean Robertson