Saturday, February 4, 2012

G1RL Fairytale! So little ones can understand!

One day a little girl woke up and wanted to change the world.
Suddenly she heard loud noises coming from downstairs.
She got dressed quickly and walked down the stairs slowly peeking over the railing to see what was making all the noise. She saw a mysterious girl standing on the kitchen table dancing and singing at the top of her lungs "One Girl Can Change the World!"

The little girl ran up to her and said who are you and what are you doing??
The mysterious girl jumped off the table and said "I'm a G1RL and I am here to teach YOU how G1RL can change the world! The little girl responded, "Wait how did you that's what I wanted to do?" The G1RL shouted,"Every girl was created with a PURPOSE and the Creator knows EXACTLY what that is and when it's time for her to find out! NOW is your time! Are you ready to become a G1RL who changes the world?"
The little girl jumped up and down and said yes! The G1Rl sang OK y'all ready!Let's go!!

The first thing I must teach you are the 3 P's, every G1RL knows these and lives by them.

The First P is Passion!

You see every G1RL knows what its like to be sad sometimes and she wants to help others who are sad.
She wants to make sure the world is a better place. What do you see in your world you want to change?? The little girl was quiet for a while and then said, "Sometimes I see people on the street that are asking for food, that makes me sad."
The G1RL said,"There ya go!! There is one of your passions, to help those in need!"

The Second P is Purpose!

Every G1RL was created with a special purpose by the Creator! You know how the rain has a purpose to make sure the flowers grow? The little girl said, yes…
Well, in the same way you were created for something special that will make the world a better place!

The Creator cares about the hungry people on the street just as much as you do and He has given you a heart to bring love and kindness to those around you. Each G1RL was specially designed to share her heart with the world.

Ever heard of Mother Theresa? No..said the little girl. We'll Mother Teresa's was a G1RL who started a charity to help the hungry, sick, and orphans all over the world! In fact, she started 610 charity missions and traveled to 123 countries!
The little girl gasped, "I can't go to 123 countries! I don't have a plane!"
The G1RL laughed and said, "You may not have a plane but you have power, to do great things, and ...

The 3rd P is POWER!!

The Creator has and will give you the power you need to LIVE OUT LOUD the purpose He has for you! So tell me what you love to do?
The little girl responded, "I lOOOVVE baking cookies and making mash potatoes from scratch!" The G1RL said, "Cooking! Perfect! That's one of your POWERS!!"

Now that you know the 3 P's are you ready to change the world?
The little girl screamed YES! Then asked where her superhero costume was? The G1RL responded, "Don't worry we will get you into your rockstar superhero costume but just remember a G1RL is more then a pretty and fancy clothes she's got a brain and rocks hard to change the world!"

So they got her dressed in her costume and went into the kitchen and made enough cookies and mash potatoes to serve 100 people!! They then went out into the streets and gave the food to everyone they saw what was hungry.

That day the little girl became a G1RL and she lived out her 3 P's PASSION, PURPOSE AND POWER ever since.

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