Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soul Surfer...I know I'm late in watching it but....

Just got done watching the Movie Soul Surfer!
I know it may sound weird but I was praying and having a heart to heart with God about a few physical struggles I have been having. I felt Him saying, "My strength is made perfect in your weakness.""http://www.youversion.com/bible/verse/msg/2cor/12/9

Then after that I felt like He said watch Soul Surfer and see how I was able to use Bethany Hamilton in her weakness and how she became STRONGER! I was like ummmm God this is weird! A movie about a shark attack? Anyway I was willing to give it a try...

So now that I've watched it here is what SOUL SURFER spoke to me:

Through the movie I loved how she was just a normal girl livin her life and having fun...but then the unexpected came and in an instant she lost an arm.

That is how suffering seems to come, in an instant. She was a brave girl in my book even before the shark attack, I mean she surfed waves! That's hardcore! But what I loved was how the movie showed that even a brave GIRL gets scared and want's to quit.

She went through that but then trained harder, looked HIGHER, and accepted 5th place as first place...WHAT ?? FIFTH PLACE AS FIRST?

My fav scene in the movie is when she surfed her butt of and at the last minute caught a game changing wave that could have made her come in first but it was too late so it did not count. Her Dad was upset because the judges did not count it but Bethany said it counted, it counted for me, it counted for all the people who are watching my life and needing courage to go the distance! (Paraphrasing:) But anyway she had a perspective shift. She knew that God had opened up the heavens for her to share her life and story with so many others who felt like they had half of what they needed to live in passion, purpose and power!

Bethany learned that her "half then"" was "more then" enough, Living out the scripture, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Read more about Bethany a true G1RL here: http://www.soulsurfer.com/story.html

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